Your Destination for Authentic, Sustainable & Stylish Nigerian Aso-oke, Aso Ebi & Kente

Welcome to Aso Mi, your premier marketplace dedicated to the vibrant world of African native-wear. We specialize in curating a diverse collection of traditional attire, with a focus on iconic Nigerian Aso Oke and Aso Ebi, alongside a rich tapestry of indigenous garments from across the African continent.

Mission Statement

At Aso Mi, our mission is to close the gap within the African community by providing a platform where occasional native-wear finds new purpose and meaning. We believe in the transformative power of traditional attire, recognizing that what may no longer serve one individual's wardrobe can be a cherished treasure for another.

Vision Statement: Redefining Tradition, Globally

At Aso Mi, our vision is to revolutionize the way pre-loved native-wear is perceived and utilized, becoming the premier destination for decluttering traditional attire worldwide. We aspire to redefine the cultural landscape, offering a cost-effective solution to the multitude of events celebrated within the vibrant Nigerian culture and beyond.